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It all began during the long winters of the late 1990's....


Cold, wet snow piles up deep in the Cascade Mountains.

Daylight dwindles early in the afternoon under thick, overcast skies. 


To pass another rainy day inside, I decided to repair the backpack strap that I'd just tore on my new Kelty during a recent hike up toward Mount Rainier. Instantly, I repaired it using an old black Singer sewing machine my mom had got from a garage sale!

Looking over the repair stitch, it was very apparent that I needed to completely start over on a new backpack that was right for me.....


I found random supplies and fabric for my first packs at local thrift shops and yard sales. So I tried cutting & sewing unique styles from this random supply.


 This drove my inner desire to try to sew things that were as unique as the vintage fabrics I kept finding. Soon I started blending in real outdoor fabrics & notions I purchased from places like Seattle Fabrics!


"Look at all these funny bags" my girlfriend exclaimed when she walked in and saw all the weird bags I’d made! By now there were not only backpacks, for outdoor and climbing use, but a variety of everyday urban totes & other stuff sacks for toiletries. Those first works convinced me that they would eventually change the “look” of an entire industry.


So I kept with it…


From there, I packed up all my weird creations & was off to local farmers markets to sell along side other crafters and farmers of Washington State. Eventually $elling my wares at various "art walks" and exclusive gala shows. Then finally juried into the word famous Pike Place Market as a day stall vendor. All along the way, making friends and bartering with other great crafters and artisans.



One year during an annual Fire inspection, I was honored with the request to make some gear bags for the Fire Department.

From R.I.T. Bags to simple Nozzle Covers for the back of the truck, Haz-Mat Duffle bags to other confined space items led me to work on other Tactical operations. Now this style of work has continued to lead farther underground to help out our soldiers & other contractors both here and abroad…


If your company needs an American expert to focus on the design, development & then final domestic production of your OEM products please send me an email to start your a custom evaluation of project.


All other inquires are also welcome, please email with a brief description of your idea/concept for your own product line.


For Retail/Wholesale inquires of the “phunnybaggs” daypack series, please also advise via email.


We are currently in development/production of many products now so check back soon as this [page] will be updated soon,


Sew Long,




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